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Location / Nearby Mount Kembla Ring Track

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⏳ 12-2021

Hidden Joys

Off Track

Decided last week to do a hike on Christmas Day. This morning set off towards the summit of Mt Kiera near Wollongong. I was expecting a short steep section and then some undulating terrain on the ring trail, which circles Mt Kiera.

I found myself on a detour trail, which began with steps and then quickly was very faded in places, steep and slippery with wet fallen leaf litter. Some sections required clambering up rock shelves, and pulling myself up using my arms between rock walls.

Came across a male Lyrebird in full display mode. Lovely to listen to, and view through the brush.

Today I have been blessed with a gift. It was the true hike that I needed, to allow me to find that inner core of strength that enables me to find the way, even when it seems to disappear, and to keep going on reserves that somehow always seem to be there for me.

Was fabulous to be part of the forest, feeling the alternate heat of the sunshine and the cool of the shade.
Christine A
⏳ 12-2021

Nice little walking track that takes in views of the escarpment

A great little walking track that even the kids can manage. You can then do a further walk that takes you up to the summit for some fantastic views.
⏳ 12-2021

Has some great parts

If you can go after a light rain, the first section of the ring track is sublime (about 1.5km) - 4-5/5. After that you walk along a fire trail and access road which is OK but you would not visit to do that. The last third is back along the road: fine if you just want exercise - we should really have just done an out and back along the first section.

The other main walk, this is what most people do, is an up and down to the summit. This is a moderately difficult walk with some good views, nice places to stop for a picnic, and overall a nice walk (this part 4/5).

For those without great details of access, head up to the unmarked parking area on the left on Cordeaux Rd (this has nice views across to the coast some distance away). Facing the view, go to the left end of the parking (i.e. in the direction from which you came). Hidden behind the trees at then end you will see good signage which is invisible from the road or most parking spots!
⏳ 12-2021

A good Walk.

I do this walk about 3 times per year. The track is fairly easy to navigate. The flora is diverse. the track is shared with mountain bike riders but more of the cruising type than the extreme type.

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