Gibbos Cakes, Coffs Harbour


🌏 15 Bonnie St, Coffs Harbour, New South Wales 2450 Australia (View map)

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👆 Mobile ⏳ 19-05-2018

Gibbos a pastry Godsend, a must try

Gibbo’s an old school “Gday mate”kind a character and even better he’s an old school Baker and pastry chef who clearly takes pride in his profession. We walked up towards the very clean & well kept pie van to hear a very warm Aussie welcoming “Gday mate” from the chef, he proudly pointed out all his freshly hand made pies, cakes and scones exclaiming “I even stew the apples for the turnovers”. Look it’s simple, If your in Coffs on Friday’s,Sunday’s and Every other Saturday do your tastebuds a solid and get yourself down to the Coffs Creek park, cop a squat and wrap ya laughing gear around one of Australia’s best pies and cakes then take a poppy nap under a tree your weekend will be complete???? Gibbo mate your awesome son enjoyed our chat and the maggot sack with dead horse of course. see ya next time
👆 Web ⏳ 14-04-2018

I have tried the best and his pies are right up there with them

I have traveled all over the country, trying the humble meat pie as I go. I have had some of the best in the country (and a few overseas also). Most are not so good and I am a pretty harsh critic. I got a pie from Gibbo's with the wife getting a sausage roll and apple and blueberry turnover (I of course got to have a taste of those also). All very reasonably priced (the pie was only $4.50) Amazballs!!!!! Really does live up to it's reputation, it all surpassed my high standards and you could tell clearly it was all home made from scratch with care and love. Well done Gibbo So very much recommend and will be returning soon.
👆 Mobile ⏳ 24-03-2018


We found this cafe in Ocean Parade Park Beach not Bonnie St as stated above. Go to their Facebook site for their van location on a map.
👆 Mobile ⏳ 24-03-2018


Wow the best pies and cakes. Excellent coffee and customer service. The address is wrong on TripAdvisor the caravan is at park beach in the reserve they have seating as well .
👆 Mobile ⏳ 16-01-2018

The best pies and cakes in Coffs.

What a great find outside the park beach caravan park. Gibbo has set up his food and coffee van awesomely. We stopped for coffee and after talking to Gibbo had to try his pies and bacon and egg rolls for breakfast! Amazing! Gibbo makes all the pies and pastries from scratch from his at home commercial kitchen. He has a passion for good food and ingredients and is happy to share. We came back later in the day with the kids for traditional sausage rolls , custard tarts, apple turnovers and vanilla slices. Each dessert was delicious. He had chairs and tables set up for a quick bite. Do yourself a favour and visit this food van.

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